Healthy And Energizing Food And Supplements

Eating healthy foods and exercising regularly is something many aspire to do, but the challenge for most people is getting the time and motivation to formulate a regular workout routine and stick to a healthy diet. Though the physical and mental benefits of following a healthy path are well known, many people are still struggling to start and how to avoid fatiguemaintain a healthy lifestyle that can lead to a longer life.

In most cases, the choice of eating unhealthy and not exercising is often the easy one even when you are well aware the risk of lifestyle diseases. Illnesses like type 2 of diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, some types of cancer and osteoporosis are some of the risks brought about due to ones failure to follow a healthy diet and maintain proper physical fitness. These diseases are not only expensive to maintain, but they are also life threatening.

Sometimes, even those who are devoted to a regular workout routine may experience energy drains. These are those days when you feel exhausted and find that you cannot motivate yourself to get up and do even one simple workout activity that you love.

How To Get Extra Energy?

how to avoid fatigueWhile all-out energy drains are easy to recognize, the same cannot be said for low-energy drains. They are not easily recognizable as you do not experience signs of exhaustion like feeling very tired or muscle aches. In such situations, you will start experiencing the loss of will to carry on with your workout activities that you used to enjoy, and when you start your workout routine, you lose focus and find it hard to concentrate on simple tasks. In the end, you become frustrated and finally abandon the task.

But all is not lost, while your own energy is not enough to keep up with the demands of society such as work, school and staying fit, there are many energy supplements available that can provide you with energy. In a world that is always busy and gets more hectic by the day, natural supplements are a good source of extra energy to boost to your own energy. They can help you make it through the day feeling energetic and psyched.

What Kind Of Natural Energizing Supplements Are There?

There are many superfoods and natural energy supplements in the market today. Some are better for the body than others, but most of these supplements can help you increase your level of energy and alertness. Here are some you can try to try when you feel like your energy is drained:

  1. Bee pollen

where to buy bee pollen granulesBee pollen is a highly nutritious natural energy supplement collected from the stamen part of flowering plants by honeybees and stored in honeycomb hives. People who consume bee pollen as part of their daily diet are known to generate more energy, physical stamina and vigor.

Its benefits are many including prevention of growth of cancer cells, making it to be termed as a super food. It contains over 40% of proteins, 22 amino acids, 21 minerals, 18 enzymes, fiber, carbohydrates and other minerals. It can be taken in liquid form, as powder mixed in food or drinks, chewable tablets or capsules.

Read more about where to buy bee pollen below where we’ve listed the best quality online stores.

Where To  Buy Bee Pollen?



  1. Mucuna Pruriens

mucuna pruriens supplementsMucuna pruriens or KIpikacchu or Cowhage is a creeping vine that is grows in the tropics of India as well as the tropical regions of the Caribbean and Africa. This plant has been used for many years as traditional medicines and the seeds, both white and black, have therapeutic value.

It has a balancing and restorative effect on the nervous system. It can strengthen the weakened areas of the body as well as enhance ones the intellect. Its seeds have been found to contain nutritive tonic which energizes, nourishes and revitalizes the nervous system and the entire body.

Where To Buy Mucuna Pruriens?



  1. Chia Seeds

where do i buy chia seedsMany people consider Chia seeds as the pinnacle super food. They are natural energy supplements that can give high sustainable energy in a tasty and inexpensive way. They contain high levels of fiber, about 20% proteins, which help in tissue and muscle regeneration. They are also rich in omega 5 and 6 oils as well as other beneficial nutrients.

People who include Chia seeds in their eating habits are reported to notice higher energy levels and regular health benefits right away. They also exhibit other health benefits like muscle generation, cardiovascular health and weight loss in the long run.

Where To Buy Chia Seeds?



  1. Ginkgo Biloba

where to buy ginkgoBeing one of the oldest plants, Ginkgo Biloba has been in use in herbal and natural medicine for thousands of years. It’s widely recognized as a supplement to enhance both mental and memory alertness as well as many other health benefits

Today’s busy and hectic lifestyle tends to take a toll on many people affecting their physical and mental functions which in most cases leads to memory and focus loss. In such cases, a dose of Gikgo Biloba can come in handy since it helps to increase blood circulation and oxygen levels in the brain, improving concentration and the brain power.

Where To Buy Ginkgo Biloba?



  1. Ginseng

where to buy korean ginsengGinseng is a herb that is used as a natural energy booster and for other medicinal benefits. Oriental and American are the main species of Ginseng. Both these species have been found to boost the immune system and improve vitality.

It contains active ingredients like ginsenocides, which helps to regulate mechanism of nerves and control hormone activity. This helps to influence insulin production, regulate blood pressure and increase metabolism. You can use Ginseng regularly to boost your energy levels, reduce mental fatigue and stress, and improve performance. Ginseng has no toxicity and is thus harmless with no known side effects.

Where To Buy Ginseng?



  1. Pine Pollen

pine pollen for salePine pollen is a natural testosterone booster, produced by pine trees as a yellow dust during spring. The level of Testosterone in your body will affect your energy levels, sleeping habits and other health issues like libido.

Pine pollen supplements can give your body the extra energy you need to start your workout and can also help you endure energy demanding activities for long. Other health benefits include improved immune systems, hormonal balancing, among others. Take pine pollen with sweeteners before your work out as it doesn’t have a good taste.

Where To Buy Pine Pollen?



Additional supplements that people tend to use


best quality coffeeCaffeine is arguably the most known and widely consumed stimulant in all corners of the world. Caffeine is a chemical found in products like tea, coffee, guarana, and cola. These products are used as energy boosters and help to improve one’s mental alertness and brain functions.

Consider taking a beverage with caffeine before your work out to boost performance, lower perceived exertion as well as increase stamina and physical endurance. However, caffeine should be taken in moderation as its habit forming and high doses of caffeine can cause health problems. It’s advisable to not take more than 300 mg per day.

Royal Jelly

buy royal jelly onlineRoyal jelly is a nutritious natural supplement produced by worker bees when they combine honey and pollen in the hive. Produced for the queen and royal family, it is rich in vitamins including vitamin-B complex, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, carbohydrates, natural anti-bacterial, antibiotics, calories, and useful minerals.

Royal jelly is said to have rejuvenating powers that can revive your body and lift your mood. It is used as a supplement to restore strength, energy, improve concentration, and boost the immune system. It is also said to promote longevity, although this claim has not yet been fully substantiated.

Gotu Kola

gotu kola buyGotu Kola is one of the best brain tonic supplements used to improve brain performance. In fact some refer to Gotu Kola as “food for the brain”. It is considered as one of the most spiritual and rejuvenating herbs and is commonly used by people who do Yoga to improve meditation.

If you are experiencing energy drains and you are losing concentration in your work out or daily activity, Gotu Kola can help to improve your mental function. Include Gotu Kola in your daily diet and improve your concentration and memory loss. It is also recommended for people suffering from nervous disorders.


where can you buy spirulinaSpirulina is yet another natural energy booster. It is a single celled algae, cyanbacteri, that is made of essential amino acids and proteins. It is also a good source of antioxidants, omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamins B and over 100 nutrients, higher than any other plant.

It contains high levels of Chlorophyll which removes toxins from the blood stream and thus improves your immune system. Chlorophyll is also responsible for creating carbohydrates which will go a long way in boosting your energy. It is also recommended for vegetarians as it contains vitamins and amino acids found in animal products.

These natural supplements are only a means but not the end to a healthy leaving. The importance of a balanced diet and exercise cannot be overstated for a healthy and longer life. Natural healthy supplements can boost your energy when your own energy has failed you. A healthy mind in a healthy body will not only make you feel good but also improve your social life.

Importance of Regular exercise

The importance of exercising is as important as a healthy diet. Even the most basic exercise activities help in burning of calories. Regular workouts and a healthy diet play a crucial role in achieving a healthy lifestyle. You may not lose weight even if you are on a diet if you don’t exercise nor will you maintain a healthy weight with exercise alone without a balanced diet.

Your muscles will work best, build up and become stronger by implementing both aspects. Engaging in activities that raise your heart rate for an extended time will help in making your heart strong and healthier.

Physical benefits of exercise

The human body works best when engaged in regular activities. Through exercise, you achieve physical fitness by improving muscular strength, cardio-respiratory, flexibility, and endurance. Those who engage in a routine workout activity are healthier and at a lower risk of some health problems like, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, among others.

physical exercise and memoryPhysical activity helps in blood circulation making your cardiovascular system more efficient when oxygen nutrients are delivered to your body tissue.

People who exercise and eat healthy foods with low fats have flexible and strong bones than those who don’t. When you have healthy bones, you reduce the risk of injuries and bone loss associated with aging.

A healthy and antioxidant rich diet and regular exercise is a natural safeguard against cancer. The power to live a longer and healthy life is in your hands. Engage in physical activities and extend the length of your life.

Mental benefits

how to improve your brain capacityProper exercise and a healthy diet offer a variety of mental benefits. Mild physical activities can help reduce stress just like some healthy eating habits do. When you engage in physical activities, a chemical in the brain known to make people happy is stimulated. Healthy lifestyle choices which include a healthy diet and regular exercise improve brain performance and reduce the risk of depression.

Social benefits

When you are unhealthy, your self-esteem if affected negatively as you may be worrying about your physical public appearance. This is the case when you are overweight. Being in good shape makes you feel better about yourself improving your self-esteem and reduces anxiety, stress or depression.

Physical activity can be a fun way of interacting with people and making new friends as you prevent excess weight gain by burning calories. You don’t need to spend money for a gym membership to keep fit, start with simple activities like taking a walk or using the stairs.

improving your social skillsBoth eating healthy and physical activities are important in maintaining a healthy social life. When you maintain a healthy weight and improve your posture, you can face the world with more confident.

Start your journey to a healthy lifestyle path today. Eat healthy and start with a simple and fun physical activity. You can make a choice of healthy living, your age or race notwithstanding. Make notable adjustments in your current lifestyle by making small changes that are directed in healthy living. Go for the changes that are not only attainable and achievable, but also fun to encourage you to keep going.

Natural supplements that have minimal or no side effects can help you boost your energy when you feel like giving up. Consult with your physician before taking any supplement.

With all the above information, you cannot go wrong with natural energy supplements. In today’s modern society, they have become a must have for people who are constantly on the go.