What Is The Best Multivitamin For Men

The Best Multivitamin For Men

Ibest multivitamin on the markett’s not everyday that you see the word “premium” plastered on a bottle of multivitamins, so when I stumbled upon Xtend-Life Total Balance Men’s PREMIUM Multivitamin, I was skeptical. There are literally hundreds of multivitamins out there that are geared towards the specific health needs of men, so what makes this one special aside from the fact that it is marketed a “premium” product?

Yes, I was pessimistic. I’m definitely not new to the world of multivitamins for men, but I’ve encountered far too many products that do absolutely nothing for my system.

But a friend swore that XTend-Life Total Balance Men’s Premium was different – it can actually give you results that you can FEEL, instead of being something that will just give you very expensive pee after a few hours. And by heavens, he was right.


I bought two bottles of the product online, with a bottle containing 105 tablets each. The recommended dosage according to XTend-Life is seven tablets a day, to be spread over during the mornings and evenings before every meal. The two bottles that I bought lasted me one whole month.

multivitamin for men benefitsOn paper, the dosage seems kind of excessive. But everything is not what it seems. Other multivitamins usually try to scrimp their customers a lot, often recommending a dosage lower than what is needed for it to be effective (this is an effort to make their products look “cheaper” than their competitors).

But after a week of taking XTend-Life Total Balance Men’s Premium multivitamin (four in the morning before breakfast, and the other three in the evening) I find that the dosage recommended by the company is just right for my needs. I work in a very mentally-demanding field, and my workdays are very tedious and stressful. Upon taking these multivitamins, I find that I can actually go through my day at work without feeling sluggish or tired. It’s like drinking a well-brewed cup of coffee or two, without the harmful side-effects. The brain fog I usually get during mid-day (usually from tackling a particularly tricky programming problem the whole day) is also gone.

Clearest Multivitamin Benefits

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Multivitamin tablets benefits – a ton of energy

I think the greatest thing is that now I actually have the energy to workout during the weekends. While these multivitamins are not marketed as weight loss supplements, they indirectly helped me lose a few pounds! I no longer crave for extra helpings of food during meals probably because my body is telling me that I already have the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients that it needs. Instead of food, I now crave physical activities and gym sessions.

Xtend-Life Total Balance Men’s Premium Multivitamin is definitely a high quality “premium” brand. I highly recommend it for men who want multivitamins that can actually work wonders on their bodies.