Where To Buy Pine Pollen

Where Can I Buy Pine Pollen?

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More About Pine Pollen

*****TIGHTER CROP OF PREVIOUS PHOTO***031912 NEWBORN: A gust of air causes a small male cone to release massive amounts of very fine pine pollen on a tree in Newborn with the Atlanta area pollen count of 8,164 particles of pollen per cubic meter of air shattering the previous record by 35 percent on Monday, March 19, 2012. Oak, pine and sweetgum are the main pollens. Curtis Compton ccompton@ajc.com

Pine pollen is a yellow powder produced by pine trees during spring. It is rich in natural androgens- like testosterone androgen-, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Being a tonic medicine, it can be used as a natural supplement as well as medicine to treat a variety of medical conditions for a period of time without any toxic effect on your body.

Benefits Of Pine Pollen


Pine pollen has high levels of testosterone which makes it popular in energizing the body and boosting the testosterone levels in blood while balancing androgens to estrogen ratios. As an androgen, it is commonly used to raise testosterone levels naturally and effectively and maintaining well being and energy levels of middle aged men with low libido.

Dealing With Stress

Pine pollen has adaptogen characteristics which make it a good supplement in helping the body cope and adopt to emotional, physical and environmental stress.

Fighting Disease

It will boost the body ability’s to fight with diseases such as high blood pressure, stress and others. It can also help the body to raise the levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in liver, heart and brain and prevent tissue damage.

Prostrate Regulator

The adaptogic effects in Pine pollen help the body to be a self prostate regulator. A steroid in the Pine pollen called Gibberlins, helps in regulate the prostrate size, when the prostate is too large the body will adapt to make it shrink and when too small it will be enlarged.

Losing Weight

If you are on a journey of weight loss, pine pollen can help you to shed some pounds faster. It has been found to contain DHEA is associated high levels of well being like low obesity, focus boosting, libido, glucose tolerance, as well as helping you stay young.

Pine pollen is also used externally to treat skin problems common in both women and men. Other benefits of pine pollen include: improved immune system, improved fertility, stimulates antiviral activities, anti-inflammatory and better breast health.

Pine pollen products can be used as supplements to boost your energy before exercising as well as improve your endurance during your workout.

Possible Side effects

Pine pollen is safe to use, however, it contains antigens which may trigger allergies as a side effect.

The benefits of pine pollen are many, some proven and some not. Pine pollen information on different uses can be found on the internet.

You are advised to consult with your doctor before taking any drugs or supplements