Where To Buy Tongkat Ali

Where can i buy tongkat ali?

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More About Tongkat Ali

where to buy tongkat ali extractTongkat Ali is a plant used for medicinal purposes and which is native to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. It’s also known as Pesak Bumi or Tung Saw. The plant’s roots are traditionally used for medicinal purposes and as an energy enhancer, toner and aphrodisiac. Some people prefer to call it Malaysia’s Viagra as it is used to improve libido. Tongkat Ali plant is characterized by reddish brown petioles. The drupes assume a red brown color when they ripen.

What are its benefits?

The roof of the Tongkat Ali plant has several chemicals which affect the body in various ways. Some of these play a role in the production of testosterone. Some of the main benefits of Tangkat Ali include:

  • Increased production of testosterone

Tongkat Ali is a natural supplement that’s been proved by research to have the ability to increase production of testosterone, the sexual hormone in men. Unlike testosterone boosters which increase the amount of Leydig cells thus causing them to degenerate with time, Tongkat Ali works by increasing the number of Leydig cells. As a result, users of Tongkat Ali continue to see increased levels of testosterone with continued use of its extract.

  • Increased male fertility

Although you may not be taking Tongkat Ali for the purpose of improving fertility, it’s important to note that the use of Tongkat Ali could lead to improved quality of sperms. The quality of sperm is measured in concentration, volume and motility, and contributes significantly to increased male fertility.

  • Anti-malaria properties

Scientific research has been able to prove that in addition to sex-enhancing benefits, Tongkat Ali has quassinoids, chemicals which have anti-malaria properties.

  • Effect on stress levels and anxiety

While it’s not yet proven by research, some patients have reported decreased stress levels and anxiety after using Tongkat Ali supplements.


What are the possible side effects?

  • Increased energy and athletic levels

Although Tongkat Ali increases body energy, it does not come without risks. If taken in high doses, users may feel fatigues a day later. Moreover, increased body energy also comes with higher body energy which can counteract performance of an individual, particularly if he/she is indulged in activity in warm weather.

  • Long term side effects

Science is yet to identify long term effects of Tongkat Ali. It is however advised that an individual takes breaks. For instance, rather than take the supplement daily, take it after two or three days; or even twice a month.


Like most herbal extracts, it’s hard to say that there’s ‘one appropriate’ dose. This necessitates the need to consult with a professional herbalist or physician who will recommend appropriate doses. When buying Tong Kat supplements, go for a product that specifically says Tongkat Ali root extract and has 1:200 pure root extract. Otherwise, there’s a good chance it won’t work. Tongkat Ali root extract from Malaysia is not recommended as plants are harvested too young and their roots penetrate so deep that they sometimes come into contact with contaminants. All in all, its always good to consult a physician before taking the supplement.